Dare to be you

There is beauty
in simplicity.

Hop into Spring 2019
Dare to be you

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Spring Sunnies
Dare to be you

Island Style

Scenic. Tropical. Vibrant

Our swimwear radiates its' essence within the vivid colors and textures that authenticates the culture of the Islands in The Bahamas.

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Pineapple Vibes
Comfortable Swim Trunks
From the city to the festival to the beach.
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Spring Vibes
This just in: The coverups that stole the show.
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New for 2019

Spring Beach Fruits

The pineapple is about authenticity, refinement, beauty and grace. It’s a powerful fruit with class and a touch of sophisticated sass that creates a sleek and commanding presence.

Flaunt Pisces Swim looks on your next sun-soaked adventure.